Over 100 faces on fences, Dog and cat faces have been painted on 2 back lane fences in New Westminster from 2015 to 2019 and they are proudly there, looking out at all that pass by. They were painted for the love of the dog, to raise awareness of its importance, and also to raise money for the BC and Alberta Guide Dogs and Dogs for Autism support puppy raising program  . While you are doing the cultural crawl this year,October 17 and 18 2020, come by and see them, They are located along the lane that runs east and west beside 805 Cherry, and along the lane behind the house.  and along the lane that runs east and west beside the last house on 6th ave east as the street curls up to meet 8th ave. They are both very close to 8th ave. between Cumberland and Richmond you are on the right track. one is on the north side, the other on the south.  ask someone- if you can’t find them, the neighbourhood loves them. I am the artist, Margaret Halsey. also, I am looking for a new fence to paint dog and cat faces on. do you have one, know of one. contact me at clephadij@shaw.ca.     You can also buy books of the fences. contact me for that too. they are $30 and $20.