It is not always a good idea to bring a dog on a hike, yet if one has a canine companion it is what we want to do.

I recently took my dog on a hike, considered moderate. Dogs were allowed on leash. However, most dogs were not on lease, and I found that difficult, as mine wanted to interact with them, and they were not all friendly. The trouble also was that there were parts of the trail that, if a dog had been of the explore nature, he or she could have easily got into trouble and fallen down a cliff, or twisted a foot broken a leg on a hole in the trail they may not see until on it. As it was a hike about a body of water also, there was the risk for an adventurous dog, of falling over, and into the water.

Fear of all of that, more than my need to obey the leash law ( I am being honest) kept my dog on a leash.

I would not take him here again.

Where can I take him? Do you have a favourite hike?

One of my favourite hikes is in Lynn canyon.

Here are some sources of reference for hiking with dogs: