There are so many reasons to have a dog in your life.

So much research says having a dog benefits our health. Dog owners live longer some even say.

Cats, well that is another story, and yes, according to researchers it may also be shown that people live longer when they own a cat.

So if you own one or two of each that must be great. What about the person who owns 20. Well, as they say, a cat has seven lives, so if a human has 20 cats will she live to 140.

Seriously though, cats can calm you. Who, if you love cats, hasn’t sat with one on their lap, stroking it hearing it purr.

More about cats another day!

Now back to the dog.

Does owning a dog help lower your blood pressure? Some psychologists say it helps lower your blood pressure as well as your cholesterol. Well, maybe depending on the breed!! I love all dog, yet some I think would raise my blood pressure.

Some experts say that having dog helps lower stress level too.

Walking a dog is of course is good exercise, and generally on a walk one runs across other people, who might stop and talk. Feeling lonely, take a nice looking dog for a walk! I thought if I had a nice looking dog I would meet a nice looking man. Well that did not happen, yet I have met and talked to so many people through walking my wonderful dogs.

I find when I am walking my dog that I am always thinking about something, my brain is active. I come back home with all kinds of ideas. If only I could dictate them to my dog.  Yes, I know, I could take a recording device along with me.

Research has said that walking a dog boosts the parasympathetic nervous system, according to one study done with seniors. The parasympathetic nervous system helps to calm the body.

There are so many ways dogs can help ones health

Who has not been told- no we can’t have a dog- you have allergies. Me. Yet, surprisingly it has been shown that if children grow up in a home with a dog, they have less allergic reaction. Perhaps they become immune to it.  They do build up their resistance by the exposure to a dog.

Dogs are lovely and have you kissed one who has just come in from outsider. They are dirty. Yet, it has been shown they can increase the immune system. My mothers always used to say- no harm in eating  a little dirt.

How can you go wrong, exercise and companionship? And they don’t tell you what to cook for dinner, or expect you to do their laundry.

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