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The web site started out of a desire to help people with the challenges they face when they bring a dog or cat into their lives.  The original site www.bowwowwowmeow.com wanted to be all things to all dog and cat people. The focus is on sharing information and stories, and art. We also will be recommending and offering opportunities to pet artisans, pet product and service providers to link with us so we can share your information.

Our not for profit society is www.citizencaninecompanion.com

The focus of this society is to promote the importance of dogs in our lives.

Who is behind this website?

My name is Margaret Halsey. I am an artist and writer and a dog and cat enthusiast.

One of my subjects is dogs and cats.

My pet ownership as an adult started with the cat. I have been the guardian of many cats over the years.

In the mid 80’s I met a dog named Electra, a beautiful Weimeraner. 

While I had always loved dogs, it was not until I met her that I knew I would share my life with one, or more. Until then I thought I would admire them, but knew there were serious responsibilities in dog guardianship, especially for one person alone.

I lived in a condo then and thought if I were to share my home with a dog,  I would want to own a home, and it was not in my plans at the time, as I loved condo living. Yet, six months later I got my first dog, not a condo dog, and another six months later, I bought a house.

My life had then officially gone to the dogs.

I added two more dogs and they lived way into their teens with me.

My last cat also lived a very long and happy life with me.

It was not long after the passing of my dog Dijon, that I met Smyth. Well I fell for him right away but I was just not ready to accept a new dog in my life. His person was not in a rush to find him a home so I visited him on weekends. His story will be here for you to read. Six months later he came to live with me.

Smyth was the inspiration for the original site www.bowwowwowmeow.com and he continues to be my inspiration today.    

He passed away just before his 15th birthday on April 30 2021. He had a good happy and healthy life; he died due to his age.

Many people have busy lives and find themselves in need of someone to help with dog sitting and walking and in many ways. For many people getting this help can be a challenge, so much so that they may decide not get a dog or a cat. 

Who will help at the drop of a hat, at the last minute when you need them?

 Perhaps more dogs and cats could find homes, if people could find the resources, they need to help them. I hope this site will help.

This site will be a place for stories information and about services for dogs and cats. I am an artist with a passion for drawing and painting dogs and cats. My work will also be featured on this site.

You can contact us with your questions or comments here

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