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This website is for the pet lover

    • To promote the importance of dogs and cats in our lives
    • To provide information and stories about dogs and cats
    • As a showcase of pet related art and merchandise
    • and dog and cat related art and public art projects of the founder

Welcome to Caninepurrpaws

Our Purpose

The web site started out of a desire to help people with the challenges they face when owning dogs or cats. We are pet owners just like you and want to help you make your dog or cat have the best life.

Our Goal

Our focus is to improve the acceptance of dogs in our society, and to help more people become aware of their importance,  in how much they add to our lives, our well being.

About Us

We love our pets. We want creations inspired by artists that remind us of our pets now, and memories of them when they are no longer with us. Admiring and honouring a pet through art has been a pass time for centuries. All forms of art related to the dog and cat have an interesting history that dates back many thousands of years.

Recent Articles

As the stomach turns

As the stomach turns

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Cherry Lane Project

Cherry Lane Project

Sunday September 15, 2019 from 1 to 4pm Renaissance Books presents Margaret Halsey-Author artist and publisher. Come...

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